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Unemployment Drops to 13.9%, Restaurants Gain 29,900 Jobs in June

The coronavirus and its related job loss still loom large over the economy even as some industries begin to resume business

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As more people went back to work last month, the region's unemployment dropped to 13.9% in June, 1.3% lower than the previous month, according to figures released Friday by the state Employment Development Department.

The coronavirus and its related job loss still loom large over the economy even as some industries begin to resume business. The state's unemployment rate dropped to 15.1% in June, while nationally, the rate decreased to 11.2% in the same time period. The data does not reflect public health orders in July shutting down some industries again. The unemployment rate is likely higher now than the period the data monitored.

According to the EDD, total non-farm employment in San Diego County increased by 54,000 jobs between May and June to reach about 1.35 million. It was the first increase in non-farm employment since February. Farm jobs remained steady.

The leisure and hospitality sector led the monthly increase by adding 34,700 jobs, 29,900 of which were in the foodservice and accommodation industries. Arts, entertainment, and recreation added 4,800 jobs.

The trade, transportation, and utility sector logged 9,500 jobs gained month-over-month, the largest portion of which was in clothing and clothing accessories stores, with 3,900 added jobs.

Construction gained 4,100, educational and health services 2,800, other services 2,200, manufacturing 1,900, professional and business services 1,600, financial activities 900, and information 200.

Mining and logging employment did not show any gains or losses.

The only industry to lose jobs was the government sector, which lost 3,900 jobs in June.

Comparing year-over-year, the San Diego region lost 153,600 non-farm jobs and 800 agricultural jobs. Unsurprisingly, leisure and hospitality were top in jobs lost, with a total of 57,300 jobs lost since last June -- 42,800 of which came in accommodation and food services.

Since this period in 2019, trade, transportation, and utilities lost 21,900 jobs, the government lost 20,400, educational and health services 15,900, other services 15,300, manufacturing 7,100, professional and business services 6,300, information 3,600, construction 3,100 and financial activities lost 2,700 jobs.

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