San Diego

Undocumented Immigrants Caught Crossing Border on Camera

Three men and a woman were arrested when they illegally crossed into the United States after cutting a hole through a fence in Otay Mesa on Wedneday.

The arrest was caught on camera by an NBC 7 crew at the scene.

Construction crews spotted the group of people Wednesday morning and alerted Border Patrol agents.

Agents said the woman and three men crossed through the hole and then took off into the canyon near the border.

NBC 7 spoke to some Border Patrol agents who said breaches like this one happen often. Last year, they had more than 500 breaches alone.

"Very quick, yes. The initial cutting of the fence takes usually less than a minute—usually 45 seconds to a minute. They’ll make the cut and run right back," said Border Patrol agent Jose Hernandez.

The woman was arrested about a mile away from the border fence. The three men were later taken into custody as well.

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