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Uncle of Ocean Beach Drowning Victim Demanding Men Who Threw Items Into Water Turn Themselves In

The uncle of a man who drowned after trying to recover his belongings that two people threw over the Ocean Beach Pier is demanding the two people involved turn themselves in.

William Dummett, who spoke exclusively to NBC 7 San Diego, identified his nephew, 27-year-old Kevin Chilson, as Friday's Ocean Beach drowning victim.  

San Diego police officers said Chilson was out with his girlfriend Friday night when he got into an argument with two people on the pier. Police said it was not a physical altercation.

Officers first responded to a call for the incident around 9:30 p.m. on Niagara Avenue near the Pier. 

Authorities said those two people - who have not been identified or arrested - threw his belongings into the ocean. 

Chilson jumped over the pier to retrieve his belongings.

“It’s tough,” Dummett said. “The more I think about it, the deeper it hurts.”

Police said Chilson had trouble in the water for quite some time. Rescuers located Chilson from above the water, then lost him, then found his body.

“I’ve cried more about this than I care to admit,” says Dummett.

Dummett says Chilson was like a son to him.

“There ain’t one thing that you could just pinpoint,” said Dummett. “It was just Kevin---really good soul.”

Dummett said if it weren't for those two people, his nephew would be home. Chilson and his family are from Nevada.

“Have two people who have nothing better to do in life, then to come and try to harass someone that ends in his death,” said Dummett.

“It’s really hard to comprehend," he added.

Now, Dummett is calling on those two people involved to turn themselves in.

“Apologize to the family and let the courts do what they may,” said Dummett. “Someone needs to answer for it besides just Kevin, because he gave up his life for something that totally could’ve been avoided if those people would’ve just left him alone.”

NBC 7 reached out to San Diego Police about why those two individuals have not been charged.

The San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office identified the drowning victim Monday as Kevin Chilson-Moyers, 27, of Mesquite, Nevada.

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