UCSD's Rady School to Offer Course on Fostering Workplace Compassion, Improving Mental Intelligence

The University of California San Diego said its management school will offer a “Mindful Executive” program, a nondegree course series to mentor business leaders on fostering workplace compassion, improving mental intelligence and dealing with difficult conversations.

A collaboration between the Rady School of Management’s Center for Executive Development and the UCSD Center for Mindfulness, the program is one of only a handful nationwide to focus on mindfulness practice, according to the school.

UCSD claims mindfulness training improves concentration, cuts down on stress and can make practitioners more efficient. The Mindful Executive program builds on research data showing the benefits of the practice, UCSD said.

“People who engage in mindfulness trainings have told us that they become more aware of their own stress level and as a result are better able manage it, they have less emotional reactivity and are more resilient in the face of challenges,” said Christy Cassisa, director of WorkLife Integration Programs at the UCSD Center for Mindfulness.

The course will teach executives to attain present-moment awareness and how to use that awareness in their workplace decision-making and communication. Courses include The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence and Managing High Performance Teams. They cost between $350 and $695 each.

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