UCSD's Post BA Program Gives Students an Edge into Med School

UCSD Medical School welcomed seven students from its new post baccalaureate program Friday.

According to UC San Diego, over half of medical school applicants are denied admission to any school each year. Because of this the school has started the UC San Diego Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program to help students gain access to medical school.

The year-long program, which began three years ago, is overseen and run by the UC San Diego Extension.

32 students out of a pool of 220 applicants are participating in this year's program, which began in June and offers advanced science classes, test preparation, application assistance and one-on-one mentoring.

It focuses on students in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas and those interested in working in underserved communities.

“The practice of medicine is now a team sport,” Dr. Carolyn Kelly, associate dean for admissions and student affairs at the UC San Diego School of Medicine said. “This program emphasizes that message and teaches the students how to work together.”

Applicants need a minimum 2.8 science GPA as well as community involvement and science research experience is preferable.

“I was also able to build strong relationships with the students and faculty at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, which has given me a sense of comfort and feelings of "coming home" now that I will officially be attending the medical school as a student,” Sarah Walter, one of the incoming UC San Diego medical students from the program said. “This program was an essential piece to my growth as a student and in my capacity to persevere should any challenges in medical school arise.”

Graduates from the 2013 – 2014 classes have also been accepted to UCLA, UC Riverside, Michigan State and Stony Brook in New York.

140 colleges across the country offer similar post baccalaureate programs.

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