UCSD Folds, Students Win More Study Space

Students protest library closure during finals week

Student demands were met at UCSD after a protest over library study hours.

Early Monday morning, the students gathered in front of the CLICS Library (Center for Library and Instructional Computing Services), which closed over the summer.

The library was one of the few campus space where the students could stay 24-hours per day during finals week, and since it closed, students complained of the lack of space in the campus' main library, Geisel. 

In the morning's protest, they demanded that school administrators open the library for finals week.

They camped outside the library with blankets and study materials (left).

“It’s not like we just want to go in there and party,” said one student at the protest. “We just want to study for our finals.”

Police responded by blocking entrance to the library due to the large crowd present. By 10 a.m., the police were sent away and students opened the doors to the library at around noon, said university spokesperson Jeff Gattas.

Gattas later said that administrators were on their way to open the library's doors as students were doing so.

To further satisfy the angered students, administrators opened Geisel Library for 24/7 study hours this week. They also made room in the often-cramped library for an extra 700 students.

The libraries at UCSD received a $3 million cut for the 2011-12 school year. In a statement regarding the closures, a spokesperson said the cuts left them “no choice but to move forward with closures and consolidations.”

UCSD’s website lists other options for study-space during finals week. However students say these options aren’t enough for their rigorous course loads.

The school closed three libraries in the past year: the Medical Center Library (April 2011); the Center for Library & Instructional Computing Services (CLICS); and the International Relations & Pacific Studies (IR/PS) Library. 

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