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UCSD Health Widening Access to Campus Contact Tracing App

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UC San Diego Health officials say their campus COVID-19 contact tracing app has worked so well, their expanding user access to more than just students.

Click here for instructions on how to download the app and sign up.

Officials credit the app with helping to keep COVID-19 cases below 50 during the first month of classes.

The app was originally made available to the UCSD student community. If positive, users could tell the app to send out anonymous notifications to anyone they've come in contact with in the last 14 days that also has the app.

Starting Monday, UC San Diego Health patients, anyone who tested at the university or anyone who had been treated within the system in the last year will also have access to the app's full functionality.

The notification function of the app is also now being made available to anyone in the state, meaning someone who doesn't meet the aforementioned requirements can still download the app and be notified if they came in contact with someone who had COVID-19. However, they can't prompt the app to send notifications to others if they're positive.

Freshman student Phillip Tajanko was able to notify everyone who had the app almost immediately after he tested positive at UCSD in October.

"I could have spread it on to how many people and I would not know because I was asymptomatic," Tajanko said.

UCSD Health launched the pilot program for the app in September. Officials imperative more people sign up ahead of the holidays.

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