2 Controversial Banners Hung From UCSD Building Taken Down

The university is investigating the incident

Two controversial banners hung from a building at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) have been removed, and the incident is now under investigation by the university. 

The big banners were hung last week from the roof of the Price Center and bookstore on campus.

One of them read: "No Amnesty!, End DACA!"

The other said, in part: "Carry On, Citizen."

The two black-on-white banners were apparently hung by "Identity Evropa," known as a white supremacist, "alt-right" group. The group’s logo was featured prominently on both banners.

A UCSD official told NBC 7 that the banners violated campus posting policies, and were quickly removed after they were spotted the morning of Oct. 2.

Campus Communications Director Laura Margoni described the banners as "hurtful to many, and counter to U-C San Diego's values and principles."

NBC 7 reached out to Identity Evropa for a comment, but haven't heard back.

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