UC Student Proposal: Scrap Tuition, Use ‘Investment’ Strategy

UC President Says He'll Consider Students' proposal to Eliminate Tuition

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Matt Maiocco

UC Riverside students have come up with a plan to deal with rising college costs -- get rid of tuition altogether.

According to the L.A. Times, the students presented the proposal at a UC regents meeting Wednesday night on the RIverside campus, and system President Mark Yudof seemed impressed.

The proposal would eliminate tuition while students are in school. Instead, students would agree to pay 5 percent of their income for 20 years after they graduate.

The plan would also offer discounts for transfer students, graduates who work in public service careers, and those who stay and work in California. Students from other states and countries would pay 6% per year.

Yudof said his staff would study the plan, although officials acknowledged payment enforcement would be difficult.

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