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UC San Diego Medical Students Find Ways to Help Health Care Workers

Some students held a PPE donation drive and one is helping patients learn yoga via Zoom and FaceTime

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UC San Diego medical students have not been able to continue with their rotations due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped them from finding ways to help their health care peers.

A group of students organized a PPE donation drive to give health care workers responding to the virus some personal protective equipment. With the event, students collected 1,200 medical masks, 50 boxes of gloves, several protective gowns and face shields for workers.

Another UCSD student is helping professionals with telemedicine operations. Eulanca Liu was involved in moving patients from physical to virtual settings so they can continue to get treatment.

“That was a very big push to basically migrate thousands of patients over from physical to virtual settings within the first few weeks,” Liu told NBC 7.

Liu walked those patients through the process of doing everything online and now, she's also looking forward to teaching them yoga via Zoom and FaceTime in the future. She hopes to recruit more students who can help patients remotely.

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