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UC San Diego Considers Rule Changes for Scooter, Bike Use on Campus

UC San Diego is considering tightening its regulations of so-called "micromobility devices" like bikes, skateboards and scooters, though the school is not going as far as banning them altogether. 

The UCSD Police Department announced the proposed changes earlier this month, which include changes to the way they can be used on campus.

Under the new regulations, operators "may not carry passengers or objects that impede their balance, ability to travel at a safe speed, or safely and efficiently steer or stop the vehicle." 

The proposed policy states that riders would be banned from using cell phones or other handheld electronic devices. The policy also lays out new rules regarding the use of headphones or earbuds while operating a micromobility device. 

According to those rules, operators “may not wear a headset covering, earplugs in, or earphones covering, resting on, or inserted in, both ears while operating the device.” 

San Diego State University prohibited the use of micromobility devices on campus starting this fall by creating geofenced no-ride zones. The school created designated parking areas on the outskirts of campus for students to dock their devices. 

Sophomore Sean Castillo often rides a scooter around campus. He said the proposed changes make sense. 

"It seems pretty logical not having both ears covered, so that way you can hear people, traffic, making sure people are safe," Castillo said. 

Sophomore Raymond Lau agreed. He said he has seen a number of close calls while riding his skateboard at UCSD. 

"I think it's important to be considerate of other people's safety, because it's pretty inconsiderate if somebody just gets hit by a skateboard or a bicycle." 

Students are invited to weigh-in on the proposed changes through November 30 and questions and comments may sent to Paula Johnson in Policy and Records Administration at

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