Naval Air Station North Island

U.S. Army Helicopter Catches Fire After Landing at Naval Base Coronado

The aircraft had just landed on the airfield and all personnel were able to safely exit, without injury, before the fire was extinguished

Travis Mackenzie/NBC7

A U.S. Army helicopter assigned to the United States Special Operation Command (USSOCOM) was involved in an airfield mishap Wednesday at Naval Air Station North Island.

"It was not a crash," according to Army Special Operations Command Spokesperson Maj. Christopher Lancia. Naval Base Coronado spokesperson Kevin Dixon said the mishap happened during routine training.

The aircraft had just landed and was secured on the airfield and for unknown reasons, the aircraft caught fire, Lancia said.

Lancia declined to say how many people were on board the aircraft at the time of the incident or the type of helicopter involved in the incident, citing a need for an "unbiased investigation" into the incident.

"Emergency personnel responded, and took appropriate steps to ensure the safety of all involved, said Dixon, adding, "There were no injuries, and no threat to the public exists. The area has been secured and an investigation is underway."

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