U-Haul Kitties Safe After Cross-Country Trek

A family drove their U-Haul 2,000 miles from Chicago to their new home in Los Angeles. Several days later, they got quite the surprise! As they began unloading their truck, out popped mom Jasmine with her nine, four to five week-old kittens.

"Jasmine probably saw the back of the moving van open and thought it would be a nice warm, safe place for her and her babies," said Helen Woodward Animal Center spokeswoman Trisha St. George. " The family probably had blankets as padding and the boxes provided a comfy nook to call home.”

Traveling trapped inside the U-Haul truck was dark, bumpy, and loud, with no way out, no food or water, said St. George. Jasmine and her kittens traveled for days while the family was unaware of the company they had.

Once they got to Los Angeles and found the cats, the family was frantic with what to do. Five of the kittens were given away. The remaining kittens and Jasmine were taken to a Los Angeles rescue group that works closely with Helen Woodward Animal Center. Mom and babies arrived in San Diego at the end of May, said the center. 

Jasmine, about 1½ years old, was extremely thin and didn't even weigh seven pounds. The kittens were also extremely small and appeared to have an upper respiratory virus. All were placed with foster care providers. Jasmine and her kittens have received up-to-date vaccinations, a complete medical exam, microchip identification, and been spayed or neutered.

The cats will become available for adoption on Friday, June 26, when Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Adoption department  opens at 11 a.m.

For more information call 858-756-4117, visit the Center at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe, or log on to their website.

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