2 Separate Cases of Teens Robbed at Gunpoint in La Mesa

One robbery happened on June 19 at Harry Griffen Park, the other at a trolley station

There have been two separate cases of teenagers being robbed at gunpoint over the past few weeks in La Mesa. 

Most recently, the victims were Jacob Patreo and Brandon Green, both 17.

"One of them was just like, 'Alright, this is how it's going to go.' Then he showed the gun, and he was like, 'You guys are going to empty your pockets and give us everything,'" said Green.

The teens were waiting for friends at Harry Griffin Park in La Mesa on June 19 when they were robbed.

"Three guys came up to us, and two we could see, and then one was in a hood. They came up to us all friendly and stuff," said Green.

The three then circled the teens, and one threatened them with a gun.

"My heart just dropped," said Patreo.

Both teens emptied their pockets, and then they ran. Two of the suspects chased after Patreo. 

"They all followed me and held me down and started kicking me in the head and were kicking me and punching me on the ground," he told NBC 7.

"The guys, they're not messing around," Green added. "They're trying to take everything we have right now."

Green’s father, John Green, said he is afraid if the suspects are not stopped, it may happen again.

"I would like to find these guys and catch them, and prosecute them, if we can; get them off the street," John told NBC 7. "Can't even go to a park and be safe at a park these days."

Another similar but unrelated incident happened Wednesday, once again to a teenager. This time, the victim was targeted on the trolley near the Amaya Station.

All three victims describe the suspects as possibly in their teens or early 20s.  One had braids in his hair and another was significantly shorter than the other two.

The La Mesa Police Department is actively investigating both cases. Anyone with information is asked to call (619)667-1400.

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