TwitchCon Had a Foam Pit Exhibit. Two Attendees Say They Got Hurt When They Jumped In

News of the “pit” injuries began circulating on social media after streamer Adriana Chechik tweeted that she broke her back in two places when she jumped off the exhibit’s platform and into the foam cubes

Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

At least two TwitchCon attendees said they were severely injured after they participated in an interactive exhibit that featured a shallow pit of foam cubes scattered over bare concrete.

The exhibit was part of the weekend-long event for the livestreaming video platform, which this year was held at the San Diego Convention Center.

Run by Lenovo and Intel, the exhibit invited attendees to “battle” one another by standing on one of two platforms suspended over the foam pit.

Participants, who were asked to sign waivers, could win by knocking their opponents off of their platforms using unwieldy foam noodles. The platforms were about 2 feet high, and the pit was about a foot deep.

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