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‘Turn the Siren On': SDFD Honors Boy Battling Leukemia

As soon as the 3-year-old boy saw his miniature fire engine, he knew just what to do.

A San Diego boy battling leukemia was named an honorary firefighter with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department on Tuesday.

Colton Cantor received an official patch, a uniform with his name printed on it and a miniature fire truck as part of his special day through the Make-a-Wish organization.

The 3 year old loves trucks of all kinds from fire engines to ambulances to police cars.

“Any kind of rescue vehicle,” Jeanette Cantor said.

When he saw his miniature fire truck, Colton immediately said, “We have to turn the siren on.”

The boy’s special day began with a police escort to SDFD Station 10 in Rolando. After breakfast with the firefighters, he was scheduled to go to Mission Bay to see one of the fire department's helicopters up close.

“With God’s strength, we’ve been able to make it this far,” Jeanette Cantor said. “He’s been through a lot and we just want to enjoy the day and give honor to the Lord who has brought us this far.”

The family posed for a group photo with the crew of Fire Station 10 before enjoying a pancake breakfast.

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