Serra Mesa Man says his Turf Lawn is Shrinking

Man tried contacting the company for help, but turned to NBC 7 Responds when he was unable to find a solution.

A Serra Mesa family called NBC 7 Responds after they say their turf lawn was shrinking before their eyes.

“I loved it for years and after about two years it started shrinking on me,” John Willard said, describing the artificial turf in his front yard.

Looking at Willard’s lawn, you could see clear gaps between the turf and the sidewalk, some an inch wide.

Willard said he has been spending lots of energy trying to get the people who installed his lawn, Home Turf in San Diego, to call him back.

Willard said the warranty on the installation was for two years but the lawn is guaranteed for ten.

“I want them to fix it and make it look good,” Willard said.

Willard called NBC 7 Responds and things began to change.

Home Turf came out to replace John’s lawn and the company apologized for being so hard to get a hold of.

Cale Abramson, a Home Turf employee, said, “There’s not somebody who’s answering the phone at all times. We’re working on that, we’re trying to make things better.”

Abramson says the gaps in John’s front yard aren’t caused by shrinking turf but instead by expanding soil from this season’s El Nino rains.

“Unfortunately it’s not our installation that was the problem, it was ground movement,” Abramson said.

After NBC 7 Responds spoke with the Owner and President of Home Turf Kris Grant, Willard has a lawn he can be proud of.

Since the warranty on the installation had passed, Willard paid for the labor but didn’t have to pay for the new turf.

In fact, Home Turf told us they installed a more expensive grade of lawn for free.

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