San Diego

TSA Agents Treated to Breakfast Burritos, Pizza From Local Businesses

Hundreds of Transportation Security Administration workers at the San Diego International Airport were met with a show of support from local businesses Thursday. 

The TSA employees were treated to breakfast, lunch and dinner from Manchester Grand Hyatt and other Hyatt properties' catering teams.

About 200 breakfast burritos, more than 100 pizzas from Landini's in Little Italy, cookies and other treats were served outside the airport's Terminal 2. 

Ron Gerber, a TSA Security Officer and union steward said he and his team of about 630 TSA employees were touched by the support. 

"It means a lot, especially since they are off-site [from the airport]," Gerber said. "I guess they understand the situation that we're in."

He said several of the airport security workers have been going to the food bank at Promise Church in Chula Vista on Wednesdays during the government shutdown. 

"I had a co-worker two days ago who quit with one day's notice," Gerber said. "She said, 'I can't afford childcare. I just have to bite the bullet and go home and take care of my children,'" Gerber said. 

Workers who have stayed on the job have their chins up and are friendly to travelers passing through, despite working without pay. Gerber said they are told "thanks for being here" at least three times an hour.

A show of "thanks" is why Hyatt and Landini's wanted to help the TSA agents as well, according to Shane Nicolopoulos, the general manager at Andaz Hotel. 

"They inspire us. If you see the individuals coming through here right now, they're full of smiles, energy, positive, which is just incredible," Nicolopoulos said. "

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