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Truth or Stereotype: ‘San Diegans' Can't Drive in the Rain'

Monday rain brings slower commutes and more car accidents

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This may come as a shocker to some of you: Some San Diegans don’t drive too well in the rain.

It’s not that hard. Just drive the car.

Donte Garret, El Cajon

“I just think that we’re so spoiled with our weather that like once anything changes, it’s like we don’t know what to do with it,” said Andrea Andrew as she styled her client’s hair at the Style Lounge Salon in the Gaslamp District.

“Turn on your lights. Slow down,” she exclaimed. “Don’t make your turns so fast.”

Andrew ’s hand shot up when asked if anyone wanted to talk about the traffic in the salon.

“[Some people] have no clue that it’s raining outside and zoom by you,” she said.

“It’s crazy, like, one drop of rain and people just go crazy,” said Donte Garrett from his chair at the Mecca Barbershop in Miramar. “Man, you add one drop of rain you’ve got seven, eight accidents. It’s ridiculous, man.”

“Everybody needs to go with the flow," said Garrett. “Stop thinking about it and drive. It’s not that hard. Just drive the car.”

“Normally I enjoy my drive,” said Andrew. “Driving in the rain, I’m like, white-knuckle. I’m super nervous. I don’t want to hydroplane everywhere because of all the grease on the road that comes up."

Donte said it’s a skill some people have but he wonders why many San Diegans don’t.

“That’s the million-dollar question, man.”

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