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Truck Driver Collects Donations for Hurricane Harvey Victims in Alpine

An Alpine truck driver is headed to Houston with two big rigs loaded with donations

After collecting goods and donations for Hurricane Harvey victims, an Alpine truck driver plans to head out to Houston this weekend.

Long-time Alpine resident, Cody Johnson, had an idea to load up a couple of his big rigs with items to help the flood victims.

"I just want to be able to help people that need help," said Johnson, whose idea started with a simple post on social media.

In spite of the brutal heat in Alpine, residents have opened up their hearts for Texas flood victims. They filled up two big rigs with donations, including soap, lotion and hand sanitizers.

Many donation drives were underway Thursday across San Diego County to help people struggling in the aftermath of a city ravaged by record-breaking, torrential rainfall.

"The majority of what I was able to give is for children. Those kids, the little three-year-old that lost her mom, that was clinging on to her when she was drowning. That's just the least I could do," said Michelle Hawkins, an Alpine resident.

Everyone dropping off items in Alpine said they were touched by the dramatic images from Texas including videos of horses up to their necks in water and cattle herded away from flood zones.

Their donations include stacks of hay and feed to help livestock.

Johnson told NBC 7 he used to work in Houston. He plans to start driving over there on Saturday at midnight.

In an extra display of compassion, Johnson asked everyone donating to write something encouraging on the boxes. Along with labels for food and toiletries, there are heartfelt messages written to complete strangers with open hearts.

If you're interested in helping Johnson or making a donation, head to Tavern Road just north of Interstate 8 in Alpine. Plenty of signs are posted with directions.

Once the items arrive in Houston, they will be distributed by the Christian Ministry Services.

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