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Trio Arrested for Deadly Chula Vista Shooting Connected to Other Crimes

Three known South Bay gang members could face the death penalty for their involvement in multiple violent crimes that occurred up and down the San Diego coast.

The trio, two men and a woman, were arrested last Friday in connection with the random shooting and killing of 59-year-old Mario Serhan, who was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head on April 11.

Officers found Serhan after multiple people called 911 to report a driver slumped over the wheel of an SUV that coasted through a Chula Vista intersection and crashed into a storage facility. According to CVPD, Serhan had no relation with the group.

Police identified the trio last Friday as 29-year-old Britney Canal, 39-year-old Cesar Alvarado, and 27-year-old Michael Pedraza.

Prosecutors said the group celebrated the killing of Serhan, who was shot because he accidentally made eye contact with the gunman.

"There is absolutely no info that Mr. Serhan had any type of dealings or even knew his defendants. Or that Mr. Serhan was involved in any kind of illicit dealings. As far as we know he was truly an innocent person just driving his car," said Deputy District Attorney David Grapilon.

On April 12, the three defendants allegedly shot a 19-year-old in a targeted attack at Sunset Cliffs, leaving her paralyzed. Prosecutors say the shooting happened after hours of robbing and terrorizing her.

In addition to the two shootings, the defendants are also charged with armed robberies, stabbings and kidnappings.

All three defendants were denied bail Monday. Whether they'll face the death penalty will be decided at a later date.

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