San Diego

Tree Limb Collapses on Car Blocks From Deadly Tree Fall

A massive limb from a Torrey Pine tree fell on a car in Point Loma Friday, just blocks from where a massive Torrey Pine crashed onto a home killing two people inside in January. 

The branch collapsed onto the car outside an apartment complex on Catalina Boulevard near Voltaire Street.

"I heard a really loud pop and some glass shatter," neighbor Erin Bartleson told NBC 7, "I didn't think anything of it because there's a lot of loading and unloading going on over here by the 7-Eleven."

The car's owner Bridget Lewis didn't know right away what was going on.

"I came out to go to work and there's a tree on my car. First time I ever parked here," she said. 

In January, a vacationing couple, Troy and Jessica Nelson, was killed when a tree estimated to be 75 to 100 feet tall crushed their short-term vacation rental. The area was about a half-mile from Sunday's tree fall. 

The people who live in the neighborhood said they aren’t worried about the Torrey Pine falling but they are worried another big branch will snap off.

The car has a broken back windshield and damage to the body but no one was hurt.

"You realize the damage that could have been done if someone had been walking by, Bartleson said. "It's a high traffic area."

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