Trash Talk: Garbage Cans Return to Beach

Some of the trash cans pulled from city beaches have been replaced.

The city pulled 28 of the cans in an effort to tighten the city's budget. Now, seven of those receptacles have been returned, according to the mayor's office.

Five of the cans were put back in several spots in La Jolla.

"I am pleased to have worked with the mayor's office to restore this important service to coastal access points in our La Jolla neighborhoods," City Councilwoman Sherri ightner told the La Jolla Light

The paper reported that the councilwoman said that "cans from other areas where they were abundant were relocated to La Jolla."

According to a memo from the mayor's office, two cans have been restored in Ocean Beach as well. A spokesman for City Councilman Kevin Faulconer's office said he believed four were removed from that neighborhood. One can was removed from Reed Street in Pacific Beach, according to the mayor's office; it has not been replaced

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