San Diego County

Transgender Woman Sues County Over Alleged Attack by Male Inmates

The woman claims she woke up to a male inmate repeatedly punching her in the head, causing injuries that include two jaw fractures

A transgender woman who alleges she was placed in a downtown San Diego jail cell with several men, one of whom beat her, has filed a lawsuit against San Diego County.

Kristina Frost alleges she was placed in a "minimally monitored cell" with three men on Nov. 25, 2020, according to the complaint filed Tuesday in San Diego federal court.

Frost, who the lawsuit states was arrested on an unspecified book-and-release charge, alleges jail staff were aware she is transgender, but placed her in the cell with the men anyway.

She states that later in the night, she awoke to one of the men repeatedly punching her in the head, causing injuries that include two jaw fractures.

Representatives with the sheriff's department did not respond to a request for comment.

Frost's lawsuit also alleges some of the jail deputies witnessed the beating, but did not immediately intervene. "Eventually," the man was removed from the cell, but Frost alleges she had to wait around 12 more hours before she could receive medical care.

Her lawsuit alleges the deputies should have been aware of the risks transgender women face when held in custody with men, and further alleges the sheriff's department has a history of "failing to protect people in the county's care and custody." According to the lawsuit, at least 140 people have died in county custody between 2009 and 2019, earning San Diego County jails the highest mortality rate among California's largest counties.

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