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Transgender Pride Flag Found Burned in Hillcrest

A transgender pride flag was found burned in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood, prompting a police investigation Friday. 

What was left of the charred blue, pink and white flag was found by Christain Macneal on a bench at a bus stop near 10th Street and University Avenue Friday morning, Macneal said. 

Police were called to investigate but it was too early to tell if the incident could be considered a hate crime, according to SDPD officer Shawn Takeuchi. It will be investigated as a "possible arson" until officers learn anything further. 

The burned flag was discovered days after Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day that honors the memory of trans people whose lives were lost to acts of violence.

Dozens of transgender pride flag were still hanging outside businesses and residences in the Hillcrest neighborhood in honor of the observance. 

MacNeal called the act "disgraceful" and said it made him nervous for the trans community. 

"I think with all the trans community and the trans leaders pushing for equality and visibility, I think that it’s a double-edged sword," MacNeal We have a lot more... gender-fluid acceptance and different ideas about gender from the younger generation and then we have a lot of people who are just not tolerant of trans people." 

Despite, MacNeal was hopeful for change. 

"I’m hoping whoever does it has a change of heart. I hope that they encounter somebody whos trans in their life and maybe their viewpoint changes or turns around." 

The San Diego LGBT Pride group responded to the incident by calling it "a disgusting echo of the anti-trans rhetoric and policy attacks."

A statement from the group read in part: "We urge all San Diegans to stand up to anti-transgender discrimination, hate, and violence wherever and whenever that face it in their daily lives."

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