Train Traffic Halted for Morning Commute

It was a commuting nightmare for rail passengers along the coast Friday morning after Coaster and Amtrak service was halted for nearly two hours.

"I was supposed to catch the 7:45 but now I'm catching the 6:45 which is now the 7:45," Michael Marriner said. "If I get to Los Angeles and they say ‘oh that train is already gone,’ then I'll be a little more frazzled."

The services were delayed after someone committed suicide on the tracks near the Del Mar Bluffs, according to the North County Transit District. The passengers started to pile onto buses.

“It was like stuffing all the people from an average size commuter plane into a bus.  Wall to wall standing room only.  Bodies pressed tight up against each other," Ted Haun said. "Everybody rolled with it pretty well.  You can't get too upset over something of that nature.  You have to be somewhat sympathetic and go with the flow."

Service was back to normal by 8 a.m.

The northbound Amtrak was making Coaster stops to get stranded commuters to their north county destinations.

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