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Evacuations Ordered After 13 Tanker Cars Derail in San Bernardino

What to Know

  • 13 tanker cars went off the tracks.
  • Hazmat crews investigated.
  • Cajon Boulevard was closed north and south of the derailment, but reopened by late afternoon to residents.

A train derailed in San Bernardino Tuesday, knocking 13 tanker cars off the track and forcing evacuations as hazmat crews made their way to the area.

The FedEx Freight center, located at 7250 Cajon Blvd., was evacuated after the train cars derailed before 9:30 a.m., San Bernardino police said.

While three of the tankers were leaking, there was no safety threat, according to police.

Police said they were evacuating the FedEx center as a precaution. There have been no reported injuries, authorities said.

Cajon Boulevard was closed north and south of the derailment, but it was reopened to residents and employees by late afternoon. 

The tankers, filled with gas and alcohol, were heading south when the train cars derailed. No other details were immediately available. 

There were no threats to any schools, authorities also said.

With the wind blowing toward the east, some residents were concerned about a chemical smell possibly putting their families and homes in danger.

"I was afraid because my parents are older," Liz Sheridan d said.

Firefighters used monitors to test the air for any toxic chemicals, but they deemed the air safe.

That allowed hazmat teams to begin the process of closing off the leaks.

Firefighters say they will eventually offloading the liquids inside so the cars can be lifted and cleared from the tracks. But that could take days.

Tony Shin contributed to this article.

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