‘Town Hall for Our Lives' Planned at Westview HS

Westview High School will host a town hall-style meeting Saturday to discuss threats to school safety following the recent "March for Our Lives" events last month.

Students are inviting community members, teachers, and parents to discuss the importance of school safety. U.S. Rep. Scott Peters has said he plans to attend.

The town hall project is aimed at encouraging young people to speak up and ask questions when it comes to policy changes.

Torrey Highlands resident Eve Lanhan hopes the students who are marching and organizing these events will come out to vote in the next elections and continue to make a difference. 

"Really hopeful that they're going to continue to be loud and hope that the people in Washington and locally will listen to them because it's obscene that they don't feel safe going to school," Lanhan said.

The "Town Hall for Our Lives" will be happening Saturday at 1:30 p.m. in Westview High School's auditorium.

Another event is scheduled Monday night at a St. Peter's by the Sea LutheranChurch on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard beginning at 5 p.m. 

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