Tourist Adopts Cat From Cat Cafe on Trip to San Diego

Heather Anderson’s trip to San Diego to visit the Cat Café brought her an unexpected souvenir: a new pet cat.

The 18-year-old was visiting with her family from Nebraska this past week. She wanted to check out the Cat Café, which she had heard about online, and persuaded her family to come to San Diego with her to visit the unusual spot.

The Cat Café in downtown San Diego is the first of its type in Southern California, where folks can grab a coffee while being entertained by the cats. The café partnered with the San Diego Humane Society to provide the kitties, which are all up for adoption.

That’s where Anderson met Roo, the mellow, laid back cat.

“I was playing with all the cats, but Roo was the one I wanted to adopt,” she said.

Anderson didn’t plan on adoption a cat – she already has a 12-year-old kitty she’s bringing with her when she attends college this fall.

But she instantly knew she wanted to give Roo a forever home.

“I liked how laid back he was,” she said. “He’s very mellow.”

She plans to pick up Roo on Wednesday on the way to the airport to head back home to Nebraska.

“I joked about it with my family, but never thought it would happen,” she said of adopting the cat on her trip. “That’s quite the unique souvenir.”

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