Several Tour Buses Attacked in Tijuana While Facing Aggression From Cab Drivers

Tour buses that were supposed to provide cheaper transportation for tourists have now become the target of aggression from cab drivers and locals

Several tour buses have been attacked in Tijuana, with the latest attack occurring on Monday, according to a news conference held by the bus company Ticketan.

A witness saw two men cross the street and throw a huge rock straight towards the driver of the tour bus. Glass shattered and the bus stopped immediately, as the driver avoided running the two men over. The suspects fled the scene.

Due to several tour buses being attacked, the conference was held Monday morning to discuss the situation and look for a solution. All the buses belonged to the company Ticketan.

These new tour buses were supposed to provide cheaper transportation for tourists. However, there has been aggression from cab drivers who complain that the buses are taking away from their business, said officials at the conference.

After the meeting, the aggression continued when there was another attack on a tour bus. 

Tijuana police are investigating the case and have already arrested three people in connection to previous incidents.

At this time, it is unknown if there was any connection between cab drivers and the attacks. No further information was immediately available.

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