Top of the Line Dirt Bikes Stolen from Family Shop in El Cajon

The men took two high-end Husqvarna trail motorcycles worth $13,000 each.

Thieves broke into an El Cajon staple early Wednesday morning, and the whole attack was caught on surveillance cameras. 

Two men helped themselves to the inventory at family-owned Vey's Powersports on 2nd Street at around 2:30 a.m. after smashing a front window.

"One really wimpy throw of a rock that missed the first time, a 20-foot window, and then the second one went through," said Robert Clay, Marketing Manager at Vey's Powersports.

Clay said the men took two high-end Husqvarna trail motorcycles worth $13,000 each. The rock they threw through the window also damaged some other equipment on display.

"This is a brand new bike that just came out. It's damaged here," Clay said pointing to a blemish. "The rock hit here and spun off. This is a $30,000 toy (four-wheeler) and the rock hit it and damaged the front of that."

While the thieves may have thought they scored initially, Clay says they've probably realized by now the bikes they stole won't start.

Clay says that's because they have technology built into them that makes it so only a dealer can unlock them before someone can take a ride.

El Cajon police are now on the lookout for the two men, described as 6 feet tall and driving an older model white Chevy S-10 pickup.

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