Top 5 SD Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating

A new report rates sweet spots based on home value, population density, "walk score" and crime data

Ocean County Jail

One night a year, children are allowed to get dressed up and pester their neighbors for free candy. Young San Diegans know the stakes -- they only get one shot at trick-or-treat, so every competitive edge counts.

We have good news. Out of the entire U.S., San Diego is ranked as the 13th best city to trick-or-treat in the Zillow Trick-or-Treat Housing Index.

The list sorts San Diego's neighborhoods based on which 'burb has the most candy, the least walking and the safest streets.

But exactly where can you maximize your haul?

This year's big winner is Kensington.

"It’s impossible to cover the entire neighborhood in the few official hours set aside for trick-or-treating, so locals suggest starting at the Starbuck’s on Adams and Marlborough and following the shrieks and laughter deeper into the ‘hood," according to the Zillow blog.

Top 5 San Diego Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat in 2010

  1. Kensington
  2. Carmel Mountain
  3. Ocean Beach
  4. Pacific Beach
  5. La Jolla Village

The rankings were based on home value, population density, "walk score" and crime data. This is the second year the real estate website has compiled the list.

Those extra ambitious trick-or-treaters may want to hit the road -- San Francisco took the No. 2 spot, San Jose was No. 4, Sacramento took No. 6 and San Diego was ranked as No. 13.

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