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Top 10 Most Watched Videos of 2020 in San Diego

As we close out the year that was 2020, we count down the top 10 most watched videos on

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10. SDUSD Changes Grading Policy

October 15: The San Diego Unified School District overhauled the way it grades students: Students would no longer be graded based on a yearly average, or on how late they turn in assignments, among other major changes.

NBC 7's Alexis Rivas spoke with two board members about this new policy and what it means to students.

9. Looting, Cars Set on Fire Amid Unrest in La Mesa

May 31: Tensions escalated between officers and demonstrators at a protest centered around the La Mesa Police Department -- and people began setting fire to vehicles and looting stores.

The protests stemmed from the in-custody killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the arrest of Amaurie Johnson in La Mesa, as well as amid calls for social justice.

Instigators who "hijacked" Saturday's protest in La Mesa set vehicles on fire and looted stores. NBC 7's Niala Charles has more.

8. Neon Blue Waves in Encinitas Caused by Bioluminescence

April 27: Waves crashed against the shoreline in Encinitas, and a bright blue hue overtook the ocean thanks to the return of an unpredictable natural phenomenon.

Bioluminescence created a brilliant, neon blue glow in Encinitas.

7. County Issues Guidelines on Face Masks

April 3: The county updated its face-covering guidance so that employees who work with the general public must wear a cloth face mask. San Diegans were also asked to cover their faces if they leave their homes. It wasn't until May 1 that San Diegans were required to wear face masks.

NBC 7's Claudette Stefanian explains who is ordered to wear face masks, and whether or not the general population should be wearing them too.

6. Protesters Break Through CHP Line, Onto I-8 in La Mesa

May 30: Protesters initially gathered at the La Mesa Police Department in the early afternoon and then made their way to the streets. Crowds broke through multiple law enforcement lines and walked on both sides of I-8 as police and CHP diverted traffic.

Here's the moment protesters overwhelmed a California Highway Patrol line and proceeded onto Interstate 8 on May 30, 2020.

5. Hot Conditions Make for Difficult Firefight

Sept. 6: Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in San Diego County after the Valley Fire burned more than 9,850 acres in less than two days. Eventually -- after 20 days of fighting the stubborn blaze -- the Valley Fire was contained at more than 16,000 acres.

An East County resident who had to flee the stubborn Valley Fire speaks with NBC 7’s Ramon Galindo, who has the latest information on the Valley Fire.

4. Fire Reported at USS Bonhomme Richard

July 12: A fire was reported aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard at Naval Base San Diego. Officials said it started in the lower cargo hold below some offices and a fire suppression system was inoperable when the blaze erupted.

About 160 sailors were aboard the ship at the time of the fire and the entire crew was able to disembark; each sailor was later accounted for.

Firefighters responded to a three-alarm blaze on USS Bonhomme Richard at Naval Base San Diego.

3. Confrontation Over Mask Wearing at Carlsbad Nail Salon

June 28: A confrontation at a Carlsbad nail salon erupted over a woman not appearing to wear a mask.

A confrontation at a Carlsbad nail salon erupted over a woman not appearing to wear a mask. NBC 7's Lauren Coronado has more.

2. SDG&E Worker Fired Over Alleged Racist Gesture

June 16: A Ramona man said he was fired at his job at SDG&E after a stranger posted a picture of him on Twitter and accused him of making a white power sign with his hand. He claimed he was just cracking his knuckles.

The man told NBC 7's Priya Sridhar he was charged, tried and convicted on social media, and said his employer jumped to conclusions.

1. ‘I Never Threatened Him': Woman Who Shamed Barista Gives Her Side of Story

June 25: A barista denied service to a San Diego woman at a Starbucks coffee shop for refusing to wear a mask. The woman attempted to publicly shame the barista on social media, but instead, she said she received death threats and a GoFundMe page was created to support the barista.

The page eventually raised more than $105,000 from the public -- which the woman later said she wanted a part of.

A Clairemont woman who was denied service at a Starbucks for refusing to wear a mask says she’s received death threats after publicly shaming a barista on social media, reports NBC 7's Artie Ojeda.
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