Tommy John Helping Tommy John Avoid Future Tommy Johns

Legendary pitcher and his son trying to help San Diego youth ballplayers

For baseball fans that are under the age of 35, Tommy John means a surgery that’s saved the careers of countless pitchers.

For baseball fans that go back a little further, Tommy John pitched for 26 years and won 288 Major League Baseball games with his unique left-handed delivery.

For this story, Tommy John is a new San Diego chiropractor who has a unique way of helping the human body heal itself.

Oh, and Tommy John is also a boat, so let’s start this tale there.

Dr. Tommy John III is the son of that 288-game winner and a chiropractor who was living in Chicago, looking for a place with better weather. So he came to Southern California and decided on San Diego. Any doubts about the move were erased when he was with a friend at Seaport Village.

“I’m facing Downtown, she’s facing the boats,” says Dr. John. “All of a sudden she says, ‘Oh My Gosh!’ I looked over her shoulder and there’s a boat … Tommy John. I freak out; sprint to the boat, get there and there’s a guy working on it.”

Here’s how the resulting conversation actually went:

TJ III: “Do you own this?”
Boat Guy: “No, what’s up?”
TJ III: “Well my name’s Tommy John.”
BG: “Yeah but you’re not the Dodger pitcher Tommy John.”
TJ III: “Well actually that’s my dad.”
BG: “WHAT?!?!”

The boat individual came down off the boat to shake Dr. John’s hand and share a little more information.

“Three owners ago the original builder, in 1978, was a huge Dodger fan and named it after your dad,” says John, quoting the man. “I was so moved emotionally with everything that was going on in my life, I almost threw up. If you bottled that air you could probably sell it with this story.”

It’s fitting that Tommy John III is setting up shop with a new chiropractic practice in Scripps Ranch (11633 Sorrento Valley Rd., Suite 1B). San Diego is a baseball hotbed, and his family’s name has become synonymous with baseball.

Tommy John III
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