Toddler Gets Belated Egg Hunt After Easter Theft

Gabriel recently had surgery to have two fingers separated and loves to pick up small objects

A Chula Vista community rallied together Friday afternoon to make a little boy feel special after the Easter eggs were stolen from his front lawn last weekend.

Dozens of families held a make-up Easter egg hunt in Montevalle Park for Gabriel and his family after hearing about his Easter theft.

Gabriel’s parents, the Fords, were excited to celebrate Gabriel’s first Easter last Sunday. He has Down syndrome and was born with his ring finger and middle finger bound as one.

He recently had surgery to have the fingers separated and now loves to pick up and throw small objects like eggs.

His family was hugely disappointed when the eggs that they had left on the lawn for Gabriel were stolen.

“I want him to feel really happy,” young volunteer Joshua Perry said. “I want him to feel like 'oh my gosh, did these people do this, just for me?' I want him to feel like this was his best day ever."

Gabriel’s mother spoke to the group after the egg hunt saying the most touching part about all of it to her was, as the mother of a child with a disability, she worried about kids not accepting her child; To see the kids gathered around Gabriel at the park, lavishing him with attention and gifts, she was so grateful it wasn’t the case.

The egg theft was entirely caught on surveillance video.

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