‘Today Is the Day': New Details in Rancho Santa Fe Murder-Suicide

On the day of the incident, Sayeh Amini told her husband she was going to kill herself. “Today is the day,” she said.

An investigator’s report on a murder-suicide inside a Rancho Santa Fe home states the killer was suicidal and told her husband “Today is the day” before attacking and killing two people and then herself.

The bodies of Ihnwon Mia Shin, 56; Sayeh Amini, 52, and Hannah Arya, 15 were found June 27 inside the home on Via De La Valle near Las Colinas.

According to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s report, Shin and Arya were killed by Amini who died of 21 self-inflicted stab wounds to her head, arms and torso.

As part of the investigation, officials interviewed Amini’s husband who described erratic behavior from his wife in the days following her brother’s death. Michael Arya battled cancer and passed away in April 2016.

According to the ME report, Amini’s husband said his wife talked with him by phone on the day of the incident, said she was going to kill herself. She used the words, “Today is the day” - something she had said to him before.

Except on this day, Amini tragically followed through with her threat.

Amini had been staying in her brother’s home with his daughter, her 15-year-old niece Hannah Arya.

The morning of the incident, Hannah left to grab coffee with friends. When she returned, the group could not enter the home's front door. As they approached a side door, officials said Amini opened the door and pulled Hannah inside, telling the teenager “I have something to show you.”

Soon after Hannah’s friends heard screams. They immediately called 911.

When homicide investigators arrived, they found three females dead of multiple stab wounds.

Hannah Arya and Amini were in the dining room area of the home. The report reflects that Shin’s body was found in a storage area under the stairs.

According to the ME’s report, homicide detectives determined Amini killed Shin and then stowed the body and attempted to clean up the area. They say that when Hannah Arya returned home, she was attacked and killed before Amini killed herself.

No suicide notes were found in the home.

The toxicology performed as part of Amini’s autopsy detected no drugs or alcohol in her system.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department (SDSO) confirmed the manner of death for both Shin and Hannah Arya was homicide.

SDSO Lt. Kenn Nelson told NBC 7 the victims were stabbed to death, likely with a knife. He said multiple knives were found inside the home.

An attorney representing Amini’s family told NBC 7 Amini had been appointed to manage her brother's estate, which included the home on Villa De La Valle valued at more than $1 million. He said the task became overwhelming for Amini.

A relative of Shin talked with the La Jolla Light and said the Los Angeles-based real estate agent was a friend and former business associate of Michael Arya who watched over Hannah.

“Mia was an innocent bystander. She came to help Hannah,” the sister told the newspaper.

Read more of her interview here.

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