Valentine's Day

Tips for Valentine's Day Flower Shopping

NBC 7 Responds offers some advice before placing your Valentine's Day order

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And, if flowers are on the list of things you want to get your loved one, then NBC 7 Responds has a few tips.

First and foremost, better get your order in soon if you want those flowers delivered on time.

“Right now, you’re less than a week away,” said Jim Martin from Dave’s Flower Box in University Heights. “I would do it now if you wait until two or three days before, or even one day. Then you’re gonna be in big trouble.”

Waiting could have other consequences.

“Some florists will up the delivery costs on the holidays, so it’s best to order at least a few days ahead of time.”

Another tip; make sure that the flowers you want to order are in season.

Otherwise, there’s a good chance the recipient will get something other than what you ordered. If that’s the case, take some photos and contact the florist. You may be entitled to a refund.

Also, shop around. Some florists boost their prices on Valentine’s Day. 

Just as a reminder, remember the longer you wait the fewer choices you may have and more expensive those options might become.

This story first appeared on in 2019

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