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Tiny Homes Convention Spurs Discussion About Homelessness Solutions

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A gathering of tiny homes and their inhabitants in Del Mar brought vans, skoolies and small homes together. But the convention also raised a discussion about one of California’s biggest problems -- homelessness.

Tiny homes are becoming more than a fad or a popular escape for nomads. Some at the convention hope tiny homes can be a solution to homelessness.

From the living room to the dining table for two, these barely 100-square-foot homes could become a homeless family’s home.

“There are different levels of homelessness. So you have people who have a job and are working every day but they can’t afford to get a place and keep it up,” said Ashley Boswell, Executive Director of Stop the Homelessness. “So they are sleeping in their cars and with their children.”

"It is a community effort to actually come together and help these people to get off the street," she said.

Stop the Homelessness displayed their tiny home at the TinyFest convention at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Sunday. 

The company offers tiny homes to anyone in the community who is willing to put one on their property to help a homeless family or veteran get back on their feet and off the street, Boswell told NBC 7.

Current zoning laws do not allow tiny homes in San Diego. However, that could change as a proposal to allow tiny homes may go before the city council next month.

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