Family Calls For Firing of Tijuana Officials Accused in Death of US Resident

Tijuana asesinato policias
Telemundo 20

The family of a man killed in Tijuana is calling for other officers allegedly involved in his death to be fired and charged.

Jorge Luis Cabrera's family says they can't believe that only one of the four officers seen in a video allegedly torturing the man before his death has been removed from their positions.

"We need those people to go to jail so that they are punished along with the other officers before committing another an act of cruelty like the one they gave my brother," said Jorge Luis' brother, Gabriel Cabrera

The District Attorney said that two of the officers could be charged for the death of Jorge Luis and the other two could have been witnesses to the events.

In a video that’s been widely circulated on social media sites last week, a man, identified by his family as Jorge Luis, is seen hanging upside down from his feet inside a police vehicle. Uniformed officers could also be seen guarding and watching him.

“They beat him to death and then left his body on a property in Margaritas,” Gabriel said.

The death of Jorge and the video of his killing still affect his family. Jorge’s 3-year-old daughter was used to sleeping every night with him.

"She would video call [Jorge] so she could sleep, she, we have all are having a hard time and she asks all the time about her father. When we entered my in-laws' house, our daughter enters and says, ‘Where is Dad? ‘Where are you?’" said Brenda Lopez, wife of Jorge Luis.

Meanwhile, the family says that it has already had meetings with the Mexican army, to request protection, something they no longer feel from the municipal police.

"They are patrolling my dad's house, our house so that we could rest since we had sleepless days because the municipal police are still harassing our street and the witnesses," Cabrera said.

Jorge Luis' family said some officers even went to ask neighbors, "Who had recorded the video?" showing a man hanging from the feet of a municipal police unit.

A video obtained by Telemundo 20 allegedly shows officers beating and torturing a man. The man's father said he died in their custody on April 28, 2022.

"We will no longer be able to be calm, and all the time we will be with our eyes in the rearview mirror or watching our backs."

The relatives ask other officers to think before carrying out acts such as those recorded on video last Thursday.

"If they put themselves in our place, they wouldn't do it, maybe, but no, they protect themselves, their family is protected, but you as a citizen are not, that's the reality," Lopez said.

While the investigation continues, the relatives say that the fear of retaliations increases and they hope that the army will serve as protection in the following days, especially during the wake and burial of Jorge Luis, since they hoped to finally recover the body that has been at the medical examiner’s office in Tijuana.

The family of Jorge Luis asked for the support of a criminal lawyer to follow the processes in court because they said they did not have enough resources to continue with the process.

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