‘Tijuana for All': Cultural Center Wants to Bring Community Together Through Art

A cultural center in Tijuana, Mexico is hoping to bring the community together through art to help distract from the social tensions happening in the city.

Municipal Institute of Art and Culture (IMAC) wants the community to help them paint a 23-foot mural titled, “Tijuana para Todos” or “Tijuana for all.”

The mural that is constructed of five canvases will feature different iconic sites around Tijuana. It will feature city sites like “Las Tijeras” in Zona Rio, El Minarete, and La Casa de la Cultura.

"I can express myself through painting, through art and forget a little bit about everything that's going on outside," Jesús Fernando García said.

García, from IMAC's Department of Animation and Popular Culture, told Telemundo 20, that the goal of painting this mural is to help the community escape the social tension that is experienced in the city.

People who are willing to come and paint will be able to so starting Wednesday, Feb. 26 through Friday, Feb. 28 at the Antiguo Palacio Municipal.

The culture center seeks to capture the love of this border town in this mural, said one of the participants, Kritzia Castañeda.

"We want to portray the image of all the good and beautiful that is our city," Castañeda said.

Antonio Lopez, a participant, emphasized the importance of promoting such activities.

“Because we all live here, we should help by fostering constructive things like these that benefit our future generations," Lopez said.

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