Tight Squeeze After New Refrigerator Purchase

A University City woman called NBC 7 Responds when her new refrigerator wouldn’t fit in her kitchen and the store she purchased it from, Home Depot, wouldn’t allow her to return it.

“He said there’s no way they could fit the freezer door in,” Karen Walter said. 

Karen, a local musician, said she hit a sour note when she found out the new refrigerator she had purchased wouldn’t fit in her kitchen. She said she ordered the wrong style GE refrigerator but didn’t find out until after it was delivered to her home. 

“They can not install it, they asked if I had space in my garage and I said yes, I do,” Karen said. 

So, Karen’s new refrigerator sat unboxed in her garage. Karen said she asked the delivery crew if they would take the fridge back so she could buy the right size. 

“They said we can’t do that without an order from Home Depot,” Karen said. 

When Karen called Home Depot, she said she was told it was up to the delivery company. Weeks later, Karen still had a brand new refrigerator in her garage, a broken one in her kitchen and no one to make the switch. 

“I’m stuck in the middle and I still don’t have a working refrigerator,” Karen said, “It’s just sitting there in my garage, in perfect condition.” 

Karen reached out to NBC 7 Responds and we reached out to Home Depot’s corporate office. Two days after our call, crews arrived to pick up Karen’s refrigerator and give her a full refund. 

In an email, Matthew Harrigan, spokesperson for Home Depot, told NBC 7 Responds, “We apologize to Ms. Walter for the misunderstanding. We have one of the most customer friendly return policies in retail, so this shouldn’t have happened and we appreciate the opportunity to make it right.”

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