Cocktails with Culture

For six months, the downtown scene has been without Thursday Night Thing (TNT) at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. This Thursday, the event where culture meets cocktails returns with a stellar show.

“TNT is an all over social festival of sorts that really engages people in a dynamic way,” said museum educational curator Gabrielle Wyrick. The museum took the word dynamic to a new level by organizing what has been described as an "outstanding" exhibit with artist Tara Donovan.

Once you walk into the museum, you can't help but notice Donovan's large-scale pieces using such everyday items as plastic cups and drinking straws. The recipient of the 2008 MacArthur "genius" award is known for using mass accumulations of ordinary objects, such as straight pins, paper plates, toothpicks, and pencils, to mimic the organization of geological or biological forms.

Taking a nod from Donovan's work, this TNT will celebrate the “Material Wonder” in the everyday by featuring a balloon band and interactive craft-punch art. 

In March 2009, MCASD announced it would suspend the monthly events due to the economy.   “Just like many cultural institutions throughout the U.S., the museum also felt the effects of the economy,” Wyrick said. “Because of that we had to pull back on programming, including TNT, for a small bit of time.”
The series was started in August 2002 in an effort to connect with younger audiences and bring more awareness to the Museum’s downtown location.
Whether it's your first TNT or your tenth, the museum hopes San Diegans will support the tradition's return.
The event takes place Thursday, Nov. 5 at MCASD Downtown in the Jacobs Building. General admission is $10, $7 for students. Members are free.
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