Vinyl Records Led to Floor Collapse at Hillcrest Business: Fire Officials

Too many vinyl records stored on the second floor of a San Diego building caused a collapse that damaged a popular thrift store.

Thrift Trader in the city's Hillcrest neighborhood suffered significant damage when the second floor collapsed overnight.

San Diego Fire-Rescue received the call at 4 a.m. and immediately taped off the sidewalk outside of the business, located on University Avenue near Normal Street, and a nearby parking lot out of concern for pedestrians.

Officials say the mezzanine was overloaded with vinyl records, causing the collapse of that higher floor.

No one was in the building at the time off the collapse.

"It's scary but obviously it's very fortunate that this happened when no one else was around," said University Heights resident Jeff White. "I wish them a lot of luck in getting it back together again, because obviously that's a lot of damage."

The building was red tagged after the incident. The owner told NBC 7 he will contact the city's structural engineers to determine what needs to be done so the business can reopen.

NBC 7’s Chris Chan reports from outside the Hillcrest business at University and Normal.
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