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Escondido Man Awakens to Find Burglar Watching Him Sleep

Three juveniles were arrested after breaking into home on Thomas Way in Escondido

A man said adrenaline kicked in after he was awakened to find three burglars inside his Escondido home.

The man, in his 60's, said an intruder in a hoodie was watching him sleep.

It happened just after 1 a.m. Thursday on Thomas Way, off El Norte Parkway, according to the Escondido Police Department.

The homeowner said it was his quick thinking that made the three men dash for the back door. The burglars didn't have time to take anything from the home.

“I just jumped out of bed went after him and said, 'Mom, grab the gun,'" he told NBC 7, adding that he yelled loud enough for the intruders to hear.

“They all took off running out the back door,” he said.

After the three burglars ran out of the home, he tackled one of them but they got away.

“I chased them out of the side of the house and then they took off down the street,” said the homeowner. “I was chasing them down the street and I realized they were a lot younger than me and they were out running me. So I came back and jumped in my truck and went after them.”

Escondido police arrested three juveniles just hours after the attempted burglary.

The victim said although he's relieved no one was seriously hurt, the incident did shake him up.

“It feels like you’ve been violated, I mean this our house this is where you live you are not supposed to come into it.”

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