Three Appeals Court Judges Decide If Bolder Than Most Rapist Will Be Released

Alvin Quarles terrorized San Diego County in the 80's and could be a free man in a matter of weeks.

Alvin Quarles terrorized San Diego County in the 80's, raping more than a dozen women at knifepoint. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison. After serving 25 years, he was released and housed at a state mental hospital in Central California. In 2018, Judge David Gill deemed him fit to be introduced back into society. A blow to the Quarles' victims, who still carry the emotional scars with them. Gill's decision was appealed and now three appellate judges will decide if Quarles is the public's safety would be at risk if Quarles is released.

During Thursday's appeal hearing, each side had 15 minutes to present their case. The judges could challenge and question at any moment. At one point Judge Richard Huffman said Quarles has the most horrendous sexual offense record he has seen in his 50-year career. A validating moment for one of Quarles victims, Mary Taylor.

Finally validation! Finally, somebody understands that this is a very dangerous person. What he did was not minor.

The hearing lasted 30 minutes. Each side presented their case for 15 minutes. A decision on this case will be submitted in writing but could take weeks or even months. If Quarles is released, he would be required to continue treatment while living in the East County.

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