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This WON'T Affect Your Ballot: Demolition Begins at Midway Post Office

Demolition at old Midway Post Office
Eric S. Page

Wrecking crews are at the old Midway Post Office, an iconic but not beautiful landmark in Point Loma since 1972, which is, in part, being demolished.

After sitting quiet for most of a decade, the hulking concrete structure at the site of the former central post office on Midway Drive has been attacked by large machinery, such as hydraulic excavators with demolition attachments, operated by AMG Demolition, and much of the building now sits in ruins.

Mike Gafa, one of the owners of the San Diego-based AMG -- the "G" is for "Gafa" -- told NBC 7 in July that the site has been divided into at least two parts. The main building, where mail once was processed, is actually composed of two halves, separated by an expansion joint that physically separates the building, and at this point, each half has a different owner. The section sitting alongside Barnett Avenue is the portion being attacked.

AMG Demolition sign at the old Midway Post Office
Eric S. Page
AMG Demolition sign at the old Midway Post Office

"The project that is going to happen is for new residential homes on the southern portion of it," said Gafa of AMG, whose offices are just a short distance away on the Pacific Highway near Old Town. "I'm not sure if it's condos or townhomes."

The general contractor for the south half of the building is Fairfield Residential, a property-management company that is also at work on another project on Morena Boulevard, according to Gafa.

All, however, is not lost at Midway Drive.

"Everything we demolish, we do our best to hit all our recycling goals," Gafa said in July. "This concrete will be crushed into smaller size aggregate and reused on-site as part of the construction."

Another demolition project, seven miles to the east, captured the public's imagination last month. Many Chargers, Padres and Aztecs fans voiced interest in taking home a piece of the Q, aka Jack Murphy Stadium, aka San Diego Stadium, aka San Diego County Credit Union Stadium. The hallowed sports ground was being reduced to rubble to make way for a new football stadium for San Diego State. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case for the Midway Post Office.

A small, temporary building on the far side of the post office site, which is bounded by Barnett Avenue to the south and Midway Drive to the east, continues to handle USPS retail services.

NBC 7's Joe Little got a look at the start of demolition of the SDCCU stadium.
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