Things You Should Do In Case of a Fender Bender

NBC 7 Responds with some advice in case you're involved in a minor accident

No matter how good of driver you are, you’re only as good as the driver next to you. And good drivers just like bad drivers make mistakes. Those mistakes often lead to fender benders.

For if, or when, that day comes, here are some helpful tips of what you can do in case you are involved in a minor traffic accident.

What you should do if you're in a fender bender.

First rule of the road, remain calm and make sure you and your passengers are safe and not hurt.

Then and only then you should make sure to move your car out of traffic.

“Be sure to get yourself and your car to safety,” says insurance expert Walt Waggener. “If it’s driveable then get it off the road.”

If your safe and once your car is moved out of traffic and out of harm’s way, be sure to document the crash scene. Your phone is the perfect device to help you do that.

Get close ups and wide shots of the accident scene. Be sure to take detailed snapshots of the other driver’s car.

“I recommend taking pictures of the every single bit of their car, not only the damage but also the license plate as well,” added Waggener.

Once you have that, don’t forget to get the other driver’s contact information as well as insurance information. If available, get names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

If things are not going as planned and if there are any issues with the other driver, then call the police. They will help getting all the necessary details.

But, be sure to remember the police are not the ones to determine fault. Insurance companies do that. For that reason, call your agent afterwards so they can get started.

“You can’t avoid a fender bender, now matter how good of a driver you are,” said Waggener.

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