San Diego

Thieves Steal ATV, Baseball Gear and Equipment from Monte Vista HS

Baseball gear and equipment, and even an ATV, were stolen during a break-in at Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley.

Monte Vista’s varsity baseball coach Craig Neu said thieves broke into two large crates on campus Wednesday night.

An ATV, athletic gear, and materials used to maintain the baseball field were stolen in the dead of night, Neu said.

The thieves also broke into the snack bar at the football field and stole a BBQ.

Neu says the ASB gives him $1,900 every year to fund coach hires, uniform purchases, equipment and tournaments.

"If you saw something, you know something, please say something,” Neu said. Getting that quad back would mean the world to us. The alternative is spending our fundraising money this summer to pay for something, for the school, versus helping the kids."

Neu started a GoFundMe account to help cover the losses and said the school is planning extra fundraising to help pay for the $12,000 ATV.

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