Thieves Break Into Cars to Steal Personal Information

Margaret Wyatt and her husband have lived on a quiet San Carlos neighborhood for more than 50 years.

"We’ve had all kinds of people come and go from the neighborhood,” Margaret told NBC 7. She said just within the past week, she and her husband have had thieves rummage through their cars.

Her husband was hit first.

“They took all the paperwork, just scattered it all through the neighborhood. Things that are valuable to him,” she said.

But the Wyatt's aren't alone – just a few doors down, Robert Plumb said he had the same thing happen in his truck, and his paperwork was the main target.

“My ashtray is a piggy bank and they robbed my piggy bank. All my paperwork was out and stuff,” he said.

Police say any kind of personal identification that is listed on registration cards, bills and paperwork can be used for identity theft or some kind of fraud.

“They took everything out of my glove box and trash basket, threw everything on my passenger seat,” Plumb said.

As for Margaret, she's now taking extra precautions, like removing all paperwork from her car to make sure she isn't a victim of a more serious crime. "People should just really be on their toes,” she advised.

Police say instead of leaving your registration in your glove box, put it in a plastic bag and stick it in the springs underneath the driver's seat. Most of the time, the thieves only check the center console and glove box when they break in.

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