‘They Beat Him to Death': Tijuana Police Officers Accused of Torturing U.S. Resident

The death of father and electromechanical engineer Jorge Luis Cabrera is being investigated after a video of him being hung by his feet was released

Tijuana asesinato policias
Telemundo 20

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A man who resided in the U.S. was allegedly murdered by police in Tijuana during his visit to the El Niño neighborhood to make repairs to his father’s home, according to the victim’s family.

“He got out of his truck and that’s when BC-525A-1 officers detained him. That’s where the problem began,” Gabriel Cabrera, older brother of 30-year-old Jorge Luis Cabrera, told Telemundo 20.

In a video that’s been widely circulated on social media sites, a man is seen hanging upside down from his feet inside a police vehicle. Uniformed agents could also be seen guarding and watching him.

“It’s evident they hung him by his feet from tubes. That’s not proper protocol by the law,” said Armando Sandoval, a private secretary from the prosecutor’s office.

patrulla de la policía municipal de tijuana con un hombre en la cajuela
Telemundo 20
A video obtained by Telemundo 20 allegedly shows officers beating and torturing a man. The man's father said he died in their custody on April 28, 2022.

Family members said the man in the video is undoubtedly Jorge Luis Cabrera, an electromechanical engineer who is father to two young children, ages 3 and 10. His loved ones said he was found dead in Tijuana on Saturday.

“They beat him to death and then left his body on a property in Margaritas,” Gabriel said.

The victim’s brother said he can barely believe what happened or how Mexican police were allegedly involved. The forensic medical service told Telemundo 20 that a ruptured thoracic aorta, pulmonary laceration and polytrauma are what caused Jorge Luis’ death.

“He had multiple traumatic injuries, they broke his ribcage, his lungs, everything. So, I don’t understand how they’re investigating it as an accidental death when he was found on a vacant lot,” his brother said.

Officials assured that although they don’t have the names of the officers in the video, they’ll continue investigating for more evidence.

“We want them to be suspended indefinitely because there’s evidence that a serious crime was committed here,” Sandoval said.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family fears repercussions for denouncing authorities and the prosecution.

“There are witnesses and there are plenty of videos,” Juan Cabrera, the victim’s father, said. “Lots of evidence for this so that’s why I don’t want them to go unpunished.”

Heartbroken, Jorge Luis’ loved ones say they’re seeking justice for the man they recall as a wonderful son.

“He was very loving with us, often smiling and he was fixing my home,” his father said. “He wanted to leave it in good condition for when my wife and I retire.”

Authorities said they are searching for the officers involved to hold them accountable and be suspended indefinitely or be removed from office. So far, the administration is facing 320 complaints regarding the police, with reports claiming robbery, excessive force, injuries and extortion.

The Municipal Citizen Security and Protection Secretary said it is already conducting an internal investigation on the case. Authorities confirmed the death of a man named Jorge and said they do not rule out that his death was due to the "bad intervention procedure of the agents."

They added that no further details would be given publicly so as “not to hinder the investigation” while they work with “the responsible authority to clarify what happened.”

“Acts of abuse of authority will not be tolerated in the Security, so in this particular case, it is important to respect the due process of investigation of all the instances involved to arrive at the truth and based on the above, proceed in accordance with the law,” the office said in a statement.

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